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About NESURE BYPASS PROTEIN: Nesure Bypass Protein is a protected Protein, which helps to utilize optimum nutritional values of Crude protein, comparison is given below.

Level of essential amino acids available for absorption in Normal and Bypass protein meals:

Essential Amino Acids  Cysteine Methionine Isoleucine Leucine PhenylalanineLysine  Histidine Argiine
 Normal Mustard Meal 1.95 1.14 2.90 6.10 2.76 4.12 2.01 4.26
 Bypass Protein Mustard Meal 3.71 2.17 5.50 11.58 5.25 7.82 3.82 8.09

About OXI FRESH: Oxifresh is a mineral based powder. It has natural antioxidant properties, which is chillated by turmeric oil to add yellow color and also to enhance the herbal values of turmeric in animal feed.

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